Flying Free Therapeutic Riding Center is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving eastern Connecticut and beyond. We offer therapeutic horseback riding lessons to individuals with special needs ages three and up, providing participants with countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits. We have twenty years of experience at our previous location, which ended without notice in the fall of 2022, as that prior program was thriving with a waitlist.

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a lease at Nasin Hill Farm in North Franklin, CT! We launched our program this winter after over a year of fundraising and searching Northeastern CT for a suitable location. We are so excited to be offering the endless benefits that equine therapy provides! The indoor arena will enable us to continue to serve clients year around and provide the necessary benefits of therapeutic horseback riding and other equine assisted/non-riding activities. We have an equipped board of directors, PATH-certified instructors, skilled volunteers, eager participants, an adept herd of horses and ponies, and a passionate community behind us.

We are well on our way, but we still need your support right now! We are seeking donations and sponsors to keep our program going in the form of tax deductible donations. Since we have been stabling and caring for our herd of therapy horses and ponies since last fall, our fundraising has depleted significantly. Horses are expensive and need feed, shavings, medications, farrier and veterinary care on a regular basis. We have appreciated all of the support thus far and our fundraising efforts for 2023 totaled $80,000, but we have spent $37,000 keeping up the herd. Setting up a new program is very costly and we need your support now, especially as we ramp up for 2024.

Please find our tiered list of sponsorship levels and item sponsorships. Each tier comes with several benefits for your business depending on your sponsorship-level, such as your logo on our promotional materials and at the new arena, inclusion of your name in an upcoming press release, and tours of the property once operational. We are also including a list of routine items to keep us running if you have an interest in being a regular supporter. In addition to the sponsorship levels, any size donation is welcome and appreciated. Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring, donating, or have any questions. We can accept a check made out to Flying Free TRC, Inc. We also have Venmo and PayPal. Checks are appreciated, especially for larger donations, as no fees are taken out. So every penny that you donate to us gets to us!

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Thank you for helping us raise $80,000 in 2023!

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